Sabha Collaborative Seating

Building blocks that are anything but basic

Flexibility and functionality

Sabha Collaborative Seating is a highly flexible and comprehensive offering. Benches, one-, two- and three-seater options, built-in surfaces and functional occasional items come together to create the ideal counterbalance to personal workstations. Instant access to power, wide fabric and finishing choices, and lighting designed specially for Sabha are vital elements across the whole collection.

Designed for today’s inclusive, flexible workplace

Sabha was born out of the realisation that teamwork and collaborative events are intrinsic to the success of the world’s top companies. “By understanding the applications and configurations in today’s agile working environment,” says Jack Wang, Head of Design and Development at Herman Miller Asia who spearheaded the project, “we realised that our end customer was after inclusiveness and flexibility. We decided to design a system platform, based on the learning of all the desking and panel systems we have launched in the past.”

Made to last

Herman Miller Asia also intended to create longevity. “In designing Sabha, we wanted to provide customers with a sustainable solution that allows them to change finishes from time to time, without disposing of the whole product and starting again,” says Wang. The result is a whole constellation of furniture that is primed for convenience, flexibility and change: all without compromising on style.

Designed to be reconfigured

Modularity is an inherent part of Sabha’s design. The understructure frame is consistent across all products within the collection, enabling the same platform to connect on top via clamps, which can be easily tightened and untightened for easy installation and dismantling.

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