Home Interior Trends For 2018 From Pinterest

Interior Design

We all know that Pinterest helps us discover new information through images, gifs, and videos. With its help, we can browse new things on the internet. People who love interior and furniture design will get a kick out of it, as home decorations have been taking up the 75% of content on the social network.

Here’s the list of Pinterest of the currents trends of home decorations for 2018:

Terrazzo Style – This style has been around for a long time, and it’s working on a comeback to turn heads. This is often seen in Italian palaces and made by setting chips of marble, stone, glass, or quartz into a binder like cement.

Metal Mix – Combining gold, brass, iron, silver, or any other kind of metal is an excellent way to add visual interest and depth to space. As long as you do this right, you’ll get that metallic style you want for your home.

Outsized Artworks – Sometimes, bigger is better, and empty walls covered in big artworks will be the most noticeable objects. Your oversized artwork displays will get the most attention inside your room.

Patterned Plants – Your home will be filled with colour with patterned plants, making it more lively and warm. As decorative plants, they will also add an earthy look to any room.

Raise The Roof – Style your home ceiling with strikingly beautiful and colourful wallpapers. Steering clear of those plain white ceilings, wallpapered ceilings will keep your home trendy and fresh.

Marquetry – Fill your home with furniture pieces that have unique designs with different types of wood and wood patterns.

Go Green – Green ornaments and furniture are among the hottest trends in home decor, because this will never go out of style. Making an eco-friendly choice in decorating your home will create a big difference to your health and environment.

If you are planning to catch up with the trend, you can always select one of these styles that matches your desired home or furniture design. Contact us if you have questions regarding interior designs.

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